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At Sycamore Tree Church, we like to keep our worship casual and our lives Biblical. In other words, we want you to come as you are! We don’t expect you to be anything else. Of course, as you get to know Jesus and His Word, you might find yourself changing. At least that’s what’s happened to a lot of us. We’ve discovered the more we live like Jesus, the better our lives become. It’s a process; none of us changed overnight.

We moved to the little place on Eldersville Road in 2017, and in the next couple of years, you should see a little bit of expansion up on the hill. We’re working on adding some parking.

We get together on Sunday mornings at 11 AM to praise God with keys, guitars, drums, and a message that meets us where we are. Plus, we’re adding a second service that will begin on Easter 2022. If you prefer early mornings, come on out at 8:45 AM. And if you’d really like to learn more, come out at 10 AM for Sunday Bible Classes and Wednesday at 6:30 PM

Pastor Steve and Lynne as well as the rest of the congregation can’t wait to meet you! God bless, and we’ll see you soon!

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